Many stories have been told about the ghosts and ghouls roaming the hills in Eastern Kentucky, however the Hillbilly Beast is one that hits home in the Red River Gorge. With no conclusive evidence, only the late-nights howls durring the late-summer and fall nights, a few eye-witness accounts of 'weird' and 'strange' activity happening in and around the flooded grotto.  The tales of this beast are still being told today and can be traced as far back as the days of Daniel Boone.  Despite the increased sightings and technological preeminence of the modern world, the beast remains as elusive today as it was to our ancestors. Though some claim to have found remains of the creatures; ranging from over-sized incisors to full-fledged skeletons, an intact and animate example of the beast has yet to surface beyond a few seconds.  Nocturnal encounters with the less fortunate explorers of Kentucky’s underground have occurred during the fall of the year, leaving both animal and human remains throughout the gorge grotto.   Join us this year as we utilize the efforts of each of you to prove the existence of the Hillbilly Beast in the Gorge Grotto.  On the trip you will get the opportunity to witness actual readings from our paranormal equipment installed on our custom cave boat.


$45 per person


The paranormal activity doesn't get started till the evenings in October!  Check back soon for tour times!

Be sure to check the calendar for available tour times!

Tour times will differ from office hours.


Everything needed to complete this adventure is included; (personal flotation device, helmets, headlamp).


You don't necessarily need to bring anything, however we would suggest having a jacket as the temperature inside the cavern can be a chilling 55 degrees. Waterproof cameras with a flash are fun too.


Each participant must be a minimum of 40 lbs. 

Prepare to be THRILLED!


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